Rhema FM Blue Mountains
Membership and Support
So Who's Involved?
*  Many people have made a significant commitment to Rhema FM Blue Mountains because they want to positively reinforce individual worth and build up the family unit based on sound moral and ethical guidlines.

*  All the staff of Rhema FM Blue Mountains work on a volunteer home mission basis. They are responsible for their own support, part of which can come from people who identify with the work the staff are doing. It is hoped that full time staff may be able to receive further support once the station is fully operational.


There are many ways in which you can help Rhema FM Blue Mountains:
  1. By prayer: Your prayer can uphold our team, helping us to continue our work for God.
  2. By showing support: To raise our standing with the authorities, write letters of support to:
    Blue Mountains City Council
    P.O. Box 189

    Australian Broadcasting Authority
    P.O. Box 34
    We are currently arranging a petition to help in this area. If you would like to get a copy of the form, and have your friends, your church, anyone at all, sign it, either write to the address below, or email Rhema Webmaster
  3. By becoming a member of Rhema FM Blue Mountains. For membership forms and details (or if you have any other questions), write to this address:
    Rhema FM Blue Mountains
    P.O. Box 707
    Or Electronic WEB MEMBERSHIP FORM Or Email the Station Manager
  4. By offering your services: No matter what it is you do, Rhema FM Blue Mountains can probably use your services. Running a radio station requires more than just DJ's - we need accountants, receptionists, technicians, in fact just about everybody.
  5. By sponsoring the station: If you operate a business, you can sponsor Rhema FM by purchasing 30 second advertising spots or by sponsoring an individual program

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