Western Sydney Rhema Membership POST

1. Logon Users. If you go to:

  • Logon user
  • 2. Default Users. If you go to:

  • Default user
  • You will log into the database with @auth_default_permissions. You can use this method to bypass the log on, and go directly to an add form, or to a prebuilt search. For different databases, just use: http://naomi.mountains.net.au/cgi-bin/memdb.cgi?db=mydb&uid=default To do a search for 'cgi' in a field called 'title' you could do:

  • Query
  • You can pass in as much as you like to the script this way. 3. Modify/View Own. If you use modify/view own, you must define a "Userid" field in your database and set $auth_user_field to it's position. See the default config file as an example. 4. Creating Accounts. Anyone with admin access can add/remove/modify users. You can also turn on $auth_signup and let users create their own accounts. Simply link to the database:

  • Add user