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Welcome to The Shepherd's Storehouse No.5 More than 80 Australian pastors are now receiving this resource, along with other contacts in Africa and Asia. And, we are on the Internet !

This edition includes more sermon outlines and some ideas that we have been using at Marion to help us build Sunday evening attendances and reach non-church people.

The Book of Psalms provides wonderful preaching material. The following outlines include several from Psalms, and a mini-series on God. The sermon outlines follow the sermonic process of; subject, (the sermon in one word); theme, (the sermon in one phrase); proposition, (the sermon in one sentence). Each main point needs to be explained, illustrated, applied. May your preaching be filled with the Word and filled with the Spirit.

Sermon Outlines

There's No One Like the Lord ! Psalm 18:28-36

Subject The Lord Theme The Lord's Effect in our Lives

Proposition What Does the Lord Do in Our Lives ?

Main Points 1. His Presence Brings us Light vs28

2. His Help Enables our Success vs29

3. His Arm Offers us Strength vs32

4. His Hand Gives us Stability vs33

5. His Gentleness Makes us Great vs34


The Earth is the Lord's ! Psalm 24:1 M

Subject God's Mission Theme The Scope of God's Mission

Proposition How to Grasp the Scope of God's Mission

Main Points 1. The Answer to Pessimism The earth is the Lord's

2. The Answer to Parochialism The earth is the Lord's

3. The Answer to Possessiveness The earth is the Lord's


Can God ? God Can ! Psalm 62:11 'You O God are Strong !' AM

Subject God Theme God's Attributes

Proposition What are four of God's attributes ?

Main Points 1. You cannot escape Him Omnipresence

2. You cannot hide from Him Omniscience

3. You cannot defeat Him Omnipotent

4. You cannot improve Him Immutable


Can God ? God Can ! Psalm 62:12 'You O God are Loving !' AM

Subject God Theme God's Attributes

Proposition What are four of God's attributes ?

Main Points 1. The One and Only He is Holy

2. Just and Fair He is Righteous

3. Simply the Best He is Good

4. Our God Saves He is Gracious


When You Walk Through the Valley Psalm 84:6-7

Subject Christian Living Theme Difficulties in Christian Living

Proposition How to Turn Your Difficulties Around

Main Points 1. God can Revive you with His Supply 'springs'

2. God can Refresh you with His Rain 'rains'

3. God can Restore you with His Strength 'strength'

[They pass through the valley - God has no intention on leaving us there. We are pilgrims, we are travelling on a journey that concludes in God's presence. Valleys don't last forever - night gives way to morning. Don't get out of the boat in a storm]


Let God Build Your House Psalm 127

Subject Families Theme Christian Family Life

Proposition What Can God do for Christian Families ?

Main Points 1. God Builds Homes vs1 Houses become homes

2. God Guards Cities vs2 Cities become citadels

3. God Raises Families vs3 Sons become warriors

3. God Gives Authority vs5 Youths become elders


The Lord Will Restore Isaiah 26:1-3 M

Subject Restoration Theme God's Restoration

Proposition What are Three Aspects of God's Restoration

Main Points 1. Singing, the Lord restores their song vs1

2. Security, through His presence even when gates are open vs2

3. Serenity, peace, perfect peace vs3


The Glory of the Lord Isaiah 40:9-11 AM

Subject The Lord Theme Isaiah's Revelation of the Lord

Proposition Three Features of Isaiah's Revelation of the Lord

Main Points 1. Have you heard the good news ? vs9

2. Have you seen the King ? vs10

3. Have you felt His touch ? vs11


Launch Out and Let Down ! Luke 5:1-11 AM

Subject Christian Living Theme Successful Christian Living

Proposition What are three keys to successful Christian Living ?

Main Points 1. Overcome the Mental Challenges

Peter had to overcome these thoughts; 'this is the wrong time'; 'this is the wrong place'; 'we have tried before and failed'; 'what does a carpenter know about fishing?'

2. Obey the Master's Commands

Give Jesus your boat so He can be seen and heard; launch out, to where God can do a miracle; get your nets in the water for you'll catch nothing if they stay in the boat

3. Observations Worth Noting

The nets were prepared, filled, and the catch was shared with others

The whole experience changed Peter's life forever (vs8,10,11)


The Offer God Cannot Refuse Acts 22:10

Subject Christian Service Theme Effective Christian Service

Proposition What are the Keys to Effective Christian Service ?

Main Points 1. God Has Something for You to Do The call is divine

2. God Has Something for You to Do The call is unique

3. God Has Something for You to Do The call is to action


The Incomparable Christ Phil.2:5-11

Subject Christ Theme Truth about Christ

Proposition What are three truths about Christ ?

Main Points 1. He has been Exalted to the Highest Place vs9

2. He has been Given the Highest Name vs9

3. He will be Awarded the Highest Confession vs11


Get Out of Jail Free ! M

Subject Christian Living Theme Liberty in Christian Living Proposition What are three keys to liberty in Christian Living ?

Main Points 1. When Joseph was in jail, he used the key of promise

2. When Peter was in jail, the church used the key of prayer

3. When Paul and Silas were in jail, they used the key of praise


Building Sunday Nights

Bernice and I have been ministering at Marion for six months. One of the significant developments during this time has been the growth of the Sunday evening meeting. Our evening attendance now averages nearly double to that of the 1997 figure, with most Sunday evening attendances in the three figures. How do you motivate Christians to attend, and how do you attract non-church people ?

Guest Night Service

One of our successful programs has been the Guest Night Service. We printed 300 special invitations and encouraged our regulars to invite their family, friends, and neighbours. We asked the people to provide the names of those who were invited so the church prayer meetings could focus on specific people. We planned an interesting meeting, with short salvation testimonies, good music, a children's feature, and a clear gospel message. About 150 attended, with more than 30 of them being non-church people. The atmosphere was electric, the car park was full, and several 'decisions' for Christ were recorded. Two non-church adults are now in regular fellowship with us. It was a great success.


Special Guest Night Service

Great Music ** Drama Presentation ** Special Super

And a Motivational Message that will change your life !


is invited to be the special guest of


at Marion City Church

1st Floor, 544 Marion Road, Plympton Park

Sunday 2nd August at 6.00 pm


Children's Outreach

In the school holidays we conducted a children's holiday program called The Cannon Ball Run. It ran from 10am to noon each morning of the first week of the holidays. There was singing, games, activities, and a gospel story, all centred around a team competition that earned points and prizes for bringing new friends. Close to 80 children attended, more than half from non-church homes. The final program of the Cannon Ball Run was the award night, which ‘happened’ to co-incide with our Sunday Night Live church service. The children were given invites to take home after the Thursday and Friday sessions and we endeavoured to contact the parents by telephone on the Saturday. It was an exciting night, a lively children-orientated program, with more than 140 present including 4-5 non-church families. And there were responses to the gospel.

Ordinary Ordinances ? Never !

We believe in water baptism, that it is a public declaration of personal faith. In Bible days, baptisms were held in public places and there was strong cultural awareness of their significance. But this is not the case in Australia. Public baptisms at the beach or swimming

pool are often misunderstood and misinterpreted. We conduct our baptisms inside the church building, and urge the baptismal candidates to bring their non-church family and friends. We have baptised 15 people over the last six months, and each of the three baptismal services have been exciting, attended by numerous non-church people. We believe in infant dedication, and here is another opportunity to touch the extended family of the child being dedicated.

The Church Together

In the Marion area, there are two or three charismatic churches who do not conduct evening meetings. We invited them to join with us for a "Church Together Night" and involved their people in music and creative dance. The pastors prayed for each other publicly and there was a good sense of unity. It was the Sunday of a long weekend and a cold winter's night. We had a church full, and it was hot !

Sunday Night Live

We have named our evening program "Sunday Night Live". There is always something special happening, even if the 'special' is just the title of the sermon. Every meeting is important, every message vital. We always provide supper at minimal cost and many stay to fellowship for an hour or more. It creates the atmosphere that Marion City is the place to be on Sunday nights.

Share Your Ideas

I am sure that you have programs and successful ideas that have helped your church in motivating Christians and attracting non-church people. Why not write to me, and we can publish them through the Shepherd’s Storehouse. If we pool our resources, the blessings will multiply. I look forward to hearing from you.


Against some of the sermon outlines on the previous pages are the letters A, M, on the far right of the first line. These refer to the availability of audio (A) or sermon manuscripts (M). You can order these from the address below. Costs including postage are; audios ($5), manuscripts ($3). Please make cheques payable to Marion City Church.

We have produced a simple business card, that is more an invitation to church than a formal card. We make them readily available to all our people to distribute to friends and contacts. One is enclosed with this newsletter, it may give you some ideas.

What happens when a new convert has completed the New Christian Studies ? To encourage them to read their Bible, we have written 17 lessons from the Gospel of Mark. Simple questions that require them to read the Bible. A set of laser printed studies is available at $15 including postage. Also available is an 8 part series of studies entitled "Miracles in Matthew" which we have used in our home fellowships. A set of laser printed originals is available at $15 including postage.


We really enjoyed having our son John here at Marion for his practicum. His wife Nicole joined him for the final week, they were a great blessing to the church. Our other son David was part of a Southern Cross team that toured the Northern Territory and Queensland during the college break. And the Lord has blessed our daughter Jo with permanent employment in Sydney, she and Tepa will be visiting us in September. Bernice and I head to England this month to celebrate Bernice's father's 80th birthday.

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