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Number 2, January 1998

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Welcome to The Shepherds Storehouse No.2 ! We have received several encouraging responses from the first edition so here are a few more sermon starters and outlines. Our aim is to provide resources and ideas for busy pastors.

Sermon Outlines

The sermon outlines follow the sermonic process of, subject, (the sermon in one word); theme, (the sermon in one phrase); proposition, (the sermon in one sentence). In each sample, the main points are drawn from the text. These points need to be explained, illustrated, applied. Over the page are some comments on applications.

You've Gotta Get Out of That Boat !

Help When You're in a Hole

What a Difference the Lord Makes !

Have You Heard the News ?

Blessings of Being in the Kingdom

Row to Please God

To the Highest Place !

The Unstoppable Church

What Happens When the Unstoppable Church is Stopped ?


Preaching demands application, good preachers suggest ways how truths preached can be applied to life. Applications often begin, "This week", "The next time", "At the end of this message". If preaching on faith, a possible application could be "This week, when doubts and fears flood your mind, declare aloud God's promises"; or in a message on renewal, "At the end of this message you will have an opportunity to experience the Spirit's power". Applications are difficult, but open your mind to the creativity of the Spirit, request His guidance, expect His help.

Good News !

Bernice and I are returning to pastoral ministry at Marion City Church in Adelaide, beginning February. It will be sad to leave our family in Sydney, Joanne and Tepa on the team at Liverpool CLC, David and John continuing at College. But God is good as we have been blessed with the sale of our Lansvale home and the purchase of one in S.A. Our new address is below, we would love to hear from you.

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