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Number 1, Dec 1997

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Welcome to the Shepherd's Storehouse ! You are receiving this newsletter because we have either met recently; or you have written to us; or I have had the privilege of teaching you in Preaching or Pastoral subjects. The aim of this newsletter is to provide resources for busy pastors, particularly in the area of sermon outlines.

But, is it right to use someone else's outline? Outlines are like recipes, you make them your own by adding your own ingredients. The following outlines are yours to use or adapt or develop.

Sermon Outlines

The sermon outlines follow the sermonic process of subject (the sermon in one word); theme (the sermon in one phrase); proposition (the sermon in one sentence). Each main point needs to be explained , illustrated, applied.

The following outlines include some ideas for Christmas and New Year; and short series from 1 Timothy and Mark. I hope you will find them helpful and that they will enhance your preaching ministry and ease your busy schedule.

Joseph - The Forgotten Man of Christmas

Gifts for the One who has Everything

A New Year - A Time of Transition

How to Make Your Life Count for God

How to Avoid Shipwreck

The Gospel is the Power of God

The Supremacy of Christ Mark 1:7-8

Jesus! The Action Man

Jesus Loves Mothers-in-Law


Bernice and I are quite well. It is five months now since we left College and these have been difficult months of transition and change. We believe God will replant us into pastoral ministry and we wait for Him to open the right door. We may be available for visiting ministry over the summer and in 1998. Please feel free to write or call. Have a blessed Christmas and a fruitful New Year.

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