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No.9 July 1999

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The God of the Bible is a finding God. He wants His lost people found. This is the title of a very challenging article on evangelism in the local church. There are some ideas for outreach that we have used at Marion. There are plenty of sermon outlines, and some special offers. The Shepherd’s Storehouse family continues to grow both within Australia and overseas. God is for us !


AUDIOS AND MANUSCRIPTS: Sermon outlines marked AM are available in audio ($5) manuscript ($3)

Stepping Outside the Box Gen.15:5

1. Inside is Fear - Outside is Faith
In rescuing Lot and defeating the kings, Abram made enemies. God says, "I am your shield"
2. Inside is Deficit - Outside is Reward
Abram returned the spoils (14:24) and gave away a fortune. God says, "I am your reward"
3. Inside is Impossibility - Outside the Promise.
Abram was 85 and childless. God says, "Count the stars, your offspring"

Well Diggers Incorporated Gen.26:16-33

1. He Desired His Father's Blessing vs18
2. He Was Willing to Put faith into Action (Digging is hard work, vs6)
3. He Refused to Dispute with People vs22
4. He Persevered (He dug 5 wells in 9 verses)

Partnership, a Key to Victory Exod17:8-16

1. Warfare is Part of the Journey
2. Prayer is a Powerful Weapon
3. Partnership is the Key to Victory

The Suffering Saviour Isaiah 53:5

1. Sin is breaking the law
He was pierced for our sins
2. Sin twists our characters
He was crushed for our redemption
3. Sin shatters peace
He was punished for our peace
4. Sin leaves wounds
He was wounded for our healing

Three Keys to Victory Joshua 5:13-15

1. Be Ready to Do His Will vs13
2. Be Receptive to His Message vs14
3. Be Reverent in His Presence vs15

Forever Young Ps.103:3-5

1. In the Courtroom, God declares our sins forgiven
2. In the Surgery, God declares our sickness healed
3. In the Slave Market, God declares prisoners freed
4. In the Throne Room, God declares rebels welcome
5. In the Banquetting Hall, God satsifies our desires

Life in the Kingdom Mark 4

1. Kingdom Living is all about Sowing vs3
2. Kingdom Living is all about Glowing vs21
3. Kingdom Living is all about Growing vs27
4. Kingdom Living is all about Going vs35

When the Wine Runs Out John 2:1-11

1. Jesus touches the Need with His Supply vs6
2. Jesus turns the Ordinary into the Extraordinary vs9
3. Jesus turns the Average into the Superb vs10
4. Jesus links the Ceremonial with the Miraculous vs6

How to Maximise Your Life John 2:1-11

1. God wants to fill your life vs7
2. God wants to draw from your life vs8
3. God wants to flow through your life vs8

They Don't Have to Perish ! John 3:16 AM

1. Because of the Love of God God so loved
2. Because of the Son of God His Only Son
3. Because of the Grace of God Just believe

Secrets of the Healing Ministry of Jesus John 5:1-15

1. Jesus is Greater than Time vs5 (38 yrs)
2. Jesus is Greater than Tradition vs9 (Sabbath)
3. Jesus is Greater than Tales vs7 (the angel)

Have Faith in God John 4:46-54

1. Jesus is Master over Distance
2. Jesus is Master over Disease
3. Jesus is Master over Doubt

Fixing the Failure or Feeding the Fire    2 Tim. 1:6-7

1. Look Back with Gratitude "I remind you"
2. Look Up for Inspiration "The gift of God"
3. Look Out with Courage "A spirit of power"

Famous Last Words 2 Tim.4:7

1. Fight a Good Fight
2. Finish the Race
3. Keep the Faith

His Presence makes the Difference Ps 139:5

1. He is behind me, dealing with the past
2. He is before me, taking care of the future
3. He is beside me, giving me strength for today

God Wants His Lost People Found


God is a finding God ! He found Moses in the wilderness; He found Gideon hiding behind the winepress; He found David, youngest of the eight sons of Jesse. God found Hagar, when she was expelled from her home and left to die in the desert. God found Joseph, forgotten in an Egyptian prison. God found Jonah, hiding on a boat, running away from the call of God. God is a finding God !

Jesus found people. People like Andrew, busy mending fishing nets; like Matthew, collecting coins for Rome; like Nathaniel musing under a fig tree. Jesus found people at a well, or a funeral, or hiding up sycamore trees, or sitting by a roadside begging. Jesus never saw crowds, He saw people. And when He saw people, He saw shepherdless sheep and ripe harvest fields, and He wanted to gather them as a hen would gather her chicks.

Jesus told parables about lost things; a lost sheep, a lost coin, a lost son. He told about a shepherd who would keep on searching until the lost was found. He spoke of a woman who turned the house upside down until the missing coin was located. He gave the story of a father who never stopped looking for a wayward son. The God of the Bible is a finding God. He doesn't just search, He finds !

God wants lost people found. Wherever God has placed us, we are surrounded by lost people. In our communities are people who once knew God, but for whatever reasons have wandered away. Bruised Christians, who are hurt, and lost ! God wants them found ! In our communities are people who have never known God, they have gone their own way, done their own thing and shipwrecked their lives. Shipwrecked, bankrupt, without God and without hope. They are lost, and God wants them found !

God intends the church to be a finding community. God used Philip to find the Ethiopian. He sent Barnabas to Tarsus to find Saul. God led Paul to find Lydia at the riverside prayer meeting, a woman whose heart God had opened. God wants lost people found, and He intends the church to be a finding community. When we spend the majority of our time maintaining what we have, we have failed to grasp the heart of the Shepherd who will leave the ninety nine in the fold to seek the wanderer. The church is intended to be a finding community.

When we spend the majority of our time maintaining what we have,
we have failed to grasp the heart of the Shepherd.

In May 1999, our church held "Super Friday". We gathered together hundreds and hundreds of items of good quality, pre-loved clothing. It was amazing just how much a church of 150 people could bring together. We placed an advert in the local paper with a voucher, offering a free coffee and sausage sandwich for every visitor who came to look through the clothes. The clothes were free, the food and coffee were free. About 400 people came along, people who were hurt and needy and lost ! It was an exciting day. More people heard about Marion City Church that Friday than through any of our previous outreaches and promotions. We were starting to find the lost.

The following month we held an International Dinner as part of our Sunday Night Live program. We planned a menu, provided a free, three course meal, arranged an interesting program of drama, music and puppets, interspersed amongst the food courses. Before the dessert, there was a short, relevant, gospel message. We invited about 80 contacts from Super Friday along with other fringe people and guests. Between 30-40 unchurched people attended, and some made commitments to the Lord. We were starting to find the lost.

The following month we held The Cannonball Run, a wild, holiday adventure program for primary aged children. We distributed flyers through local primary schools, sent letters to contacts from Super Friday, and left flyers at supermarket checkouts. The Cannonball Run is a giant board game where children receive points for Bible memory verses, winning games and competitions, good behaviour, and bringing new friends. The Cannonball Run concluded with a family night as part of Sunday Night Live. More than 100 children attended the program, about 50 of those from unchurched homes. And when I looked into the eyes of many of those children, I knew it was true, we were starting to find the lost.

During this time our food distribution program, Marion City Care, exploded in growth. When we gave away the clothes and food that Super Friday, God honoured our giving by providing new suppliers of bread and food items. The volume and value of the inflow and outflow of food each week is staggering. We are giving it away without charge to all who need. And in our giving, we are starting to find the lost.

There is a harvest on the doorstep of your church. There are lost people within walking distance of your building. There are Christians who have wandered away from the fold who live in your neighbourhood. God wants the lost found, and the church to become a finding community. The power of the Holy Spirit is seen to its greatest extent when the church starts seeking the lost. The joy of the Holy Spirit is experienced to its greatest extent when the lost are found.

It is time for the church to invade the community. It is time for us to go to the highways and byways and compel them to come in. It is time for the wanderer to be found. It is time for the prodigal to come home. God wants His lost people found !


"Summer Refreshing"

You’re invited to share in 3 days of refreshing. Renew sermon skills, plan a 12 months preaching program. Review your church structure, ministry & program. Call (08) 8370-4811 (A/H) for details.
Proposed dates: 17th - 20th January 2000


"Minister’s Annual"

The first Shepherd’s Storehouse Minister’s Annual, contains a sermon series, 52 illustrations,
12 communion devotions, 4 children’s stories,
prayer ideas and much much more.
$20 postage paid

FAMILY NEWS: Bernice and I are both well. Our daughter Joanne is expecting a baby in December, our first grandchild ! Well done Tepa and Jo ! Our son David is marrying Paula Cullen in Sydney on 6th August. Our other son John, and his wife Nicole are youth pastors here at Marion, where the youth ministry has more than doubled this year.

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