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Number 13 - April 2000




Subjects, the sermon in one word.
Themes, the sermon in one sentence.
Propositions, the sermon in one phrase.
Main points support the proposition.
Each main point must be explained,
illustrated and applied
Thank You for the Prayers You Didn’t Answer M

Subject Prayer
Theme Purpose in Prayer
Prop. Some Purposes in Prayer
Main Points
1. God’s not finished with you yet 1 Kings 19:4
2. God’s working His purposes out Gen.50:20
3. God’s making you strong 2 Cor.12:10

The Fragrance of Worship Luke 7:36-50

Subject The Incident with the Perfume 
Theme Truths from this incident
Prop. 4 Truths from this incident
Main Points
1. Uninvited Guest vs37
2. Uninhibited Worship vs38
3. Unnecessary Criticism vs39
4. Unlimited Forgiveness vs47

He’s Alive Matt.28:1-10

Subject The Resurrection
Prop. Truths about the Resurrection
Main Points 
1. Resurrection Authority
The stone and seal could not contain Him
2. Resurrection Power
The guards could not restrain Him
3. Resurrection Victory
Death and the grave could not defeat Him

The Road to Nowhere Luke 24:13-35

Subject Christian Living M
Theme Motivation in Christian Living
Prop. Finding motivation for Christian living
Main Points
1. The Conditions of their Misery vs17,25
2. The Companion was the Master vs15
3. The Content of His Ministry vs27
4. The Conquest and new Motivation vs32,33

If I Were the Devil Psalm 10:1-10

Subject The Devil
Theme Lies of the Devil
Prop. 3 Lies of the Devil
Main Points
If I were the devil, I would tell people
1. It will never happen to you vs6
2. Nobody knows, not even God vs11
3. You’ve got plenty of time vs13

See His Glory Luke 9:28-42

Subject The Transfiguration
Theme Truths from the Transfiguration
Proposition 3 Truths from the Tranfiguration
Main Points
1. Prayer was the goal
Change was the result vs28-29
2. Shelters were the plan
Seeing the Lord was the focus vs33-35
3. Keep the glory was the thought
Share the power was the task vs36,42

A Place to Leave your Burdens 1 Pet.5:7

Subject Burdens
Theme Leaving your burdens
Proposition How to leave your burdens
Main Points
1. God has big shoulders
Cast all your cares on Him
2. God has strong hands
All your cares
3. God has a tender heart
He cares for you

The Most Dangerous Man on Earth M

Subject Paul Phil.3:7-14
Theme The Character of Paul
Proposition 3 Qualities of Paul’s Character
Main Points
1. The Fire of His Passion vs10
2. The Focus of His His Purpose vs14
3. The Facts of His Persuasion vs8

Great Jumping Jehoshaphat 2 Chron.20

Subject Victory M
Theme Keys to Victory
Proposition 3 Keys to Victory
Main Points
1. Let the King Pray vs6-12
2. Let the Prophet Speak vs14-17
3. Let the People Praise vs20-30

The Most Dangerous People on Earth

Subject The Church Matt.16:18-19
Theme The Authority of the Church
Proposition What is the Authority of the Church?
Main Points
1. We are Builders with Him
2. We are Overcomers through Him
3. We are Rulers in Him

Living on the Edge of Time Rev.19:1-8

Subject The Second Coming M
Theme Truths about the Second Coming
Proposition 3 Truths about the Second Coming
Main Points
1. Great Worship the Lamb is worthy
2. Great Warfare the enemy is judged
3. Great Wedding the Bride is ready

Three Great Blessings for Everyone

Subject The Christian’s Inheritance
Proposition How to Claim our Inheritance
Main Points
1. Declare Healing is the children’s bread Matt.15:26
2. Claim Deliverance as a covenant blessing Luke 13:16
3. Receive the Anointing as the Father’s Promise Luke 24:49

God Wants You to Prosper 1 Cor.16:2

Subject Giving M
Theme Giving to the Local Church
Proposition Principles of Giving to the Local Church
Main Points
1. Giving should be Universal ‘each one"
2. Giving should be Proportional ‘in keeping with his income’
3. Giving should be Consistent ‘every week’

Jesus, You De Man 1 Peter 1:18 - 2:8

Subject Jesus M
Theme The Ministry of Jesus
Proposition 3 Aspects of the Ministry of Jesus
Main Points
1. He is the Precious Redeemer 1:18
2. He is the Genuine Revelation 1:23
3. He is the Immovable Rock 2:4

The Man they Call Jesus John 9:11

Subject Jesus
Theme The Character of Jesus
Proposition 3 Aspects of the Character of Jesus
Main Points
1. He is the healer of the blind 9:6-7
2. He is the friend of sinners 9:2-3
3. He is the shepherd of the lost 9:35-38


The Road to Nowhere

One of the keys to successful pastoral ministry is momentum. I recently asked a youth pastor the reason why his youth ministry had doubled over the previous 12 months, "momentum’ was the reply. It is momentum that enables the surfer to ride the wave; it is momentum that makes it possible for the 500cc motorbike rider to lean the bike almost horizontally around the bend. And momentum in church life and ministry will enable you to break through all kinds of barriers and limitations. If you can ride God’s wave to the full, who knows where it will lead?

But how do you find momentum? What happens when the road leads uphill, when you hit the wall, when the going gets tough, when the wave stops? How do you find momentum when your emotions betray you, when physical weariness overwhelms you, when the fire in your heart has waned and the vision dimmed?

Luke 24 records an incident of two unknown disciples walking the road to nowhere. They were walking away from Jerusalem, heading towards a small town, which is only mentioned once in Scripture. This wasn’t just the road to Emmaus, it was the road to nowhere. They had lost direction, and lost their joy (vs17). Their hopes had faded (vs21) and their faith had lost its fire (vs25). Their lives and ministries had lost all momentum. These people were history!

It was at this point that Jesus joined their journey. We would have written them off, but the Lord wanted to rekindle their fire, restore their joy and renew their call. This was Resurrection Sunday, surely Jesus would have more important things to do than spend a couple of hours walking with two no-name disciples to some two-bit town. But the Lord of the Church has placed a great investment in the hearts of His ministers, and each one of them is valuable to Him.

The faith of these two was so low they didn’t recognise Him and it appears that Jesus went along with the subterfuge. He didn’t reveal who He was and claimed ignorance of the recent events in Jerusalem (vs19). Then abruptly the roles were reversed as the seemingly uniformed traveller became the informed preacher, as Jesus began what must be one of the greatest unrecorded sermons of all time, "Beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself" (vs27).

If there is a video library in Heaven, this is one to check out. Jesus, preaching on Jesus, from all the Scriptures. Matthew Henry says that you can find Him on every page of the Old Testament. He is there in the prophecies and promises; He is there in the types and pictures; and He is there in Person.

The effect of this on these two disheartened disciples was amazing. Arriving at Emmaus "they urged Him strongly" (vs29) to share their accommodation. They later expressed their hearts had "burned within them as He had talked with them on the road" (vs32). Realising who He was, "they returned at once to Jerusalem" (vs33). By now it was early evening, somewhere between 6 and 7 pm and dangerous to be out on the road. Besides, Jerusalem was eight miles away and the road was all uphill. Regardless of the dangers, physical tiredness, and the lateness of the hour, the two disciples headed back with renewed strength and great joy.

These people were motivated! Their hearts were burning, their faith was stronger than it had ever been, the lost momentum of their ministry had not only returned, it now enabled them to run uphill to Jerusalem with the great news, "We’ve seen the Lord!" What changed these men? What fired their faith? What energised their physical bodies? How did they regain momentum? The answer is clear, they had seen the Lord.

But when did they see Him? Quite obviously they recognised Him when He broke the bread (vs35). But it was while He was explaining the Scriptures that their hearts had begun to burn. Before they saw the Lord in Person, they had seen Him in the Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. What their eyes saw as He broke the bread, was only a confirmation of what their hearts had already seen as they heard the Word.

Too often we read the Bible with subjective motives. We are looking for sermons, or seeking direction, or wanting answers, when all the time we should be focussing our attention on the One who is the source of all we need. I challenge you, spend some time this week reading the Word. Before you read, pray "Holy Spirit, reveal Jesus to me as I read your Word." Read through Ephesians or Philippians at one sitting. Re-read the gospels, not looking for sermons but for the Saviour.

Only a few people can claim they have walked with Jesus and heard His voice, but every one of us can open His word and see His glory. And when we do, the fire begins to burn, faith begins to rise, the wave begins to roll, and that lost momentum is found. Attend the seminars, read the books, surf the net, but more than all of these things, read His Word and see the Lord.

One of the loneliest roads is the road to nowhere. One of the lowest emotions is the pain of unfulfilled dreams and hopes. One of the greatest frustrations is losing momentum and not knowing where to find it. But you are valuable to Him. While others may write you off, He will come and walk beside you. And when we behold Him in His Word, we learn to walk in victory. Your day will come, God will turn it around, your faith will fire again.

Y2K Preaching

In 2000, The Shepherd’s Storehouse will present Y2Kpreaching in capital cities and regional centres around Australia. Y2Kpreaching is an interactive seminar that makes the Bible come alive.

This interactive seminar will

  • develop your preaching skills

  • teach you to use ‘the silver hammer’ and take the pain from sermon preparation

  • add power to your preaching

  • give keys to communicating in the 21st century

  • train key people in your church

The first two seminars have been outstanding successes. Our next venues are Sheffield UK, Adelaide, Central Coast NSW, Port Moresby.

A sample 40 page workbook is available free on request. If you are interested in hosting Y2Kpreaching in your church or area, please write, call or Email us at  This program is at minimal cost to the local church. Call us today.


The Awesome 4some

"Don’t Leave my Bones in Egypt" is a legendary sermon preached by Jeremy Griffiths. This is available as part of a tape set, ‘The Awesome 4some’ which includes

Don’t Leave my Bones in Egypt
Singing the Red Sea Blues
Can God ? God Can !
The Sleeping Giant
$15 postage paid $20 with manuscripts

Sermon Manuscripts

Outlines marked M are available in full manuscript form; other recent sermons available include Establishing Priorities in Life, The Second Touch, Old and New Treasures, Let the Flame Burn

Costs including postage: $3 each 


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