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Number 12 - January 2000


We made it. We are the generation who survived Y2K, the millennium meltdown, the turn of the century. We were there when it happened and we survived. But the Church does more than survive, we subdue all things. The new millennium brings the greatest challenge and the greatest opportunity for the Church. For the preacher, the task remains, preach Christ, and preach the Word !



Subjects, the sermon in one word.
Themes, the sermon in one sentence.
Propositions, the sermon in one phrase.
Main points support the proposition.
Each main point must be explained,
illustrated and applied
Jesus - The Man for Every Millennium 
Phil.2:9-11 M
Subject Jesus
Theme The Exaltation of Jesus
Proposition 3 Aspects of His Exaltation
Main Points
1. He Takes the Highest Place
2. He Owns the Highest Name
3. He Receives the Highest Praise
Simply Irresistible Acts 11:24
Subject Barnabas
Theme The Character of Barnabas
Proposition 4 Qualities of his Character
Main Points 
1. The Character a good man
2. The Charisma full of the Spirit
3. The Choice full of faith
4. The Channel great numbers
Making the Most of Life Mark 1:17-18
Subject Discipleship
Theme Steps to Discipleship
Proposition 4 Steps to Discipleship
Main Points
1. Respond to the call come follow me
2. Count the cost they left their nets
3. Follow the Christ and followed Him
4. Pass on the baton fishers of men
Staying Sane in a Mad World Col.3:12-17
Subject The Battle of the Mind M
Theme Winning the Battle of the Mind
Proposition 4 Ways to Win this Battle
Main Points
1. Let Peace rule, deal with all past conflicts
2. Let His Word reside, dig strong foundations
3. Let His Song rise, delight yourself in God
4. Let Thanks resound, decide to be grateful
How to Reject Rejection
Subject Christian Living
Theme Victorious Christian Living
Prop. 4 Keys to Victorious Living
Main Points
1. Allow God to cleanse every area of your life
2. Believe that He has forgiven you
Revival ! 2 Chron.7:14
Subject Revival M
Theme Keys to Revival
Proposition 6 Keys to Revival
Main Points Revival is
1. Found in Relationship ‘my people’
2. Founded by Ownership ‘my name’
3. Filled with Destiny ‘called’
4. Furnished with Humility ‘humble themselves’
5. Fired by Prayer ‘and pray’
6. Fuelled by Repentance ‘turn’
Living at the Next Level Romans 8:14
Subject Christian Living
Theme Spirit Filled Christian Living
Proposition 3 Ways to Live in the Spirit
Main Points
1. Don’t let the yesterdays affect today
“there is therefore now”
2. Don’t let the devil destroy your faith
“no condemnation”
3. Don’t leave Jesus on the Outside
“in Christ”
The People God Uses Isaiah 49:2-3
Subject Service
Theme Effective Service
Proposition What is Effective Service ?
Main Points
1. Used in God’s hand as a sharp sword
2. Fired from God’s bow as a polished arrow
3. Reflecting God’s glory as a loving servant
The Christian’s DNA 1 Cor.13:13
Subject Christian Living
Theme Basic Christian Living
Proposition 3 Qualities of Basic Christian Living
Main Points
1. Faith makes us Grow Up
2. Hope makes us Look Up
3. Love makes us Link Up
God Will Never Forget You Isaiah 49:16
Subject God
Theme The Faithfulness of God
Proposition 3 Qualities of God’s Faithfulness
Main Points
1. A Faithful Father vs15
2. A Scarred Saviour vs16
3. A Kept Covenant vs18
Success Comes in Cans Phil.4:13
Subject Christian Living
Theme Successful Christian Living
Proposition The Way to Successful Living
Main Points
1. Believe God’s power is available for you
2. Receive God’s grace to enable you
3. Perceive your dependence is fully on Christ
God’s Not Dead ! Isaiah 55:6-7
Subject God AM
Theme The Character of God
Proposition 4 Aspects of the Character of God
Main Points
1. God’s Not Dead ‘Seek the Lord’
2. God’s Not Lost ‘He may be found’
3. God’s Not Distant ‘while He is near’
4. God’s Not Harsh ‘will freely pardon’
Worship that Pleases God Mark 14:1-9
Subject Worship
Theme Genuine Worship
Proposition Qualities of Genuine Worship
Main Points 1. Precious in Value
2. Pure in Quality
3. Poured out in Love
4. Provokes the Enemy
5. Pleases the Lord
Better Days Ahead Isaiah 49:8-12
Subject Restoration
Theme The Promise of Restoration
Proposition What Does God promise to Restore
Main Points Our Inheritance is
1. Liberation vs 9
2. Satisfaction vs10
3. Direction vs11
4. Attraction vs12
Now is the Time ! Isaiah 52:1-3
Subject The People of God
Theme The Response of God’s People
Proposition In what ways do they respond
Main Points
1. Wake Up to God’s Destiny
2. Rise Up in God’s Power
3. Stand Up for God’s Purity
4. Look Up for God’s Redemption


Follow the Maker's Instructions !

When Bernice and I received a sound system as a farewell gift, we decided to complement it by purchasing a wall unit, large enough to contain the new system along with our television and video recorder. But the cabinet displayed in the store was not the cabinet delivered to our home. This one came in a box, with about 100 pieces to be assembled. There were shelves and glass doors, screws and castors, plastic clips and a tube of glue. For someone who has great difficulty hammering screws and turning nails, assembling this unit presented a daunting challenge.

Fortunately in the box were detailed instructions. What fun we had as the family assembled the cabinet and sound system. Which piece fitted where, what screw went here, what lead plugged into which socket. And eventually the end product actually resembled the one in the store display. Some time later our daughter purchased a free-standing, dress mirror. This too came in a box to be assembled, but on this occasion the instructions were in Japanese !

When you follow the maker's instructions, you get the maker's results. This is not just true for assembling items of furniture, it is also true for pastors and church leaders. Too often, we complicate ministry, focusing on secondary issues while the main agenda remains unattended. Jesus never intended ministry to be frustrating or fruitless. It is so easy to be “distracted by the preparations”, getting caught up in “doing the work”, when all the time there is “something better” (Luke 10:40-42). If we follow the Maker's instructions, we will receive the Maker's results.

The Task is Discipleship

A primary task of the Church is to make disciples. Careful study of Matthew 28:19-20 reveals the imperative of the great commission is to make disciples. A literal translation reads, "By going, baptising and teaching, make disciples of all the families of the earth". The ministries of evangelism, pastoring and teaching are part of the greater task of making disciples. Jesus never asked us to plead with people to decide for Christ, He commanded us to make disciples.

This does involve other ministries. We are to find the lost, (evangelism); fold the lambs, (pastoring); feed the sheep, (teaching). But all this is to be done as part of the discipleship process which sees the new disciples playing their part in finding and folding and feeding others. In other words, make disciplers, disciples who will disciple others. This principle of discipleship is the principle of multiplication. It is the only way the world can be won.

The Focus is Evangelism

In Acts 1:8 Jesus describes expanding influence of the Church, from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. But before the disciples were to go into all the world, they had to wait in Jerusalem. Wait for the promise of the Spirit, wait for the power of God which would equip them for the task. The church in Jerusalem exploded in growth as they channelled the power of the Holy Spirit into evangelism. This was power with a purpose, this was renewal for a reason. The touch of the Spirit was for the task of evangelism, the mantle was for the mission.

Thank God for transfer growth, but the Kingdom does not grow. Biological growth blesses us with children, but it will not win the world for Jesus. The only way for the Kingdom to increase is through conversion growth, when the lost are found, folded and fed. The focus of the power of the Spirit is not for personal edification and blessing, but for empowerment to be witnesses for Jesus. Thank God for the renewal of the Spirit over recent years, but it is intended to be for the Church's empowerment, not just her enjoyment. Make evangelism one of your primary goals in ministry.

The Goal is Multiplication

In every apple there is the potential for an orchard. In every human heart there is the potential for a harvest. The Lord of the Church has placed a life principle in every local church, it can not only grow, it can multiply. Paul advised a young pastor, "the things you heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others" (2 Tim.2:2). It is not, go and teach, but go and teach teachers, who will teach other teachers. It is not, go and find the lost, but train them to find others. Do not just make disciples, make disciplers, who will in turn disciple others to disciple others.

Jesus did not just teach this, He demonstrated it. On the cross He gave His life for all. But in His life, He poured Himself into just 12, who in turn reached hundreds, who reached thousands. The potential is exponential. If we can re-sow the seed, if we can turn our converts into disciplers, our churches and our cities will never be the same again ! And our ministries will be less frustrating and more fruitful.

Over the next 12 months believe that God will give you 12 new converts. Commit yourself to discipling them. Reproduce yourself in them. Teach them how to pray and read the Bible. Answer their questions. Pray for them to be powerfully baptised in the Spirit. Teach them and release them to reach others. It will change your church. Follow the Maker's instructions and you will achieve the Maker's results !

Y2K Preaching

In 2000, The Shepherd’s Storehouse will present Y2K Preaching seminars in capital cities around Australia. This in-service training will help you develop your preaching skills use ‘the silver hammer’ to take the struggle out of sermon preparation add power to your preaching find keys to communicating in the 21st century.

The first seminar will be held in Sydney at Liverpool Christian Life Centre, March 24-25. Other seminars will be held in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and regional centres. If you are interested in hosting a Y2K Preaching seminar in your church, please write, call or Email us at


  • Pursue God with passion
  • Rebuild altars of consecration
  • Invest your life in significant ventures
  • Overcome opposition
  • Remove obstacles
  • Invade the enemy’s territory
  • Think triumphantly
  • Yield consistently

Developed from “Crossing Rivers, Taking Cities” by Frank Damazio


Family News

On 25th November, our daughter Jo presented us with our first grandchild, Olivia Joanne Faletoese. Congratulations to Tepa and Jo. Bernice and I are Australia’s youngest and proudest grandparents !

In April, I will be preaching at a Missions Convention in Jakarta. Then in May, a Y2K Preaching seminar at a great church in Sheffield UK. Pray for us.

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