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Number 11 - Nov 99


The promises of God take us further than we have been before, they lift us beyond ourselves and into the boundless potential of His grace, they change the dimensions of life. You can be certain that the promises God has made to you will come to pass in His time and His way, and His ways are so much higher than ours. The new millennium abounds with great potential.


Let God Arise ! Psalm 47:5-6

Subject God AM
Theme The Attributes of God
Proposition 5 Attributes of God
Main Points

  1. The Lift of God God has ascended

  2. The Joy of God with shouts of joy

  3. The Trump of God sounding of trumpets

  4. The Song of God sing praises

  5. The Reign of God our King

Now Faith Is...  Heb.11:1

Subject Faith M
Theme Qualities of Faith
Proposition What are 5 Qualities of Faith?
Main Points

  1. Faith is Alive
  2. Faith is Active
  3. Faith is Positive
  4. Faith is Effective
  5. Faith is Reflective
Great is the Lord Psalm 48

Subject God AM
Theme The Greatness of God 
Proposition 3 Aspects of God's Greatness
Main Points 

  1. God is Great in Worship vs1
  2. God is Great in Works vs2-3
  3. God is Great in Warfare vs4
How to Live in the Overflow 
2 Kings 7:4-9

Subject Christian Living AM
Theme Abundant Christian Living
Proposition Keys to Abundant Christian Living
Main Points

  1. They Knew How to Live vs3
  2. They Knew How to Party vs8
  3. They Knew How to Share vs9
Keys to a Fruitful Life Psalm 1
Subject Christian Living
Theme Successful Christian Living
Proposition 3 Keys to Successful Living
Main Points
  1. Choose Your Friends Carefully vs1
  2. Choose Your Foundations Wisely vs2-3
  3. Choose Your Future Eternally vs4-6
The Last Page in the Book Rev.22:17

Subject The Holy Spirit M
Theme The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Prop. 3 Aspects of His Ministry
Main Points

  1. Have You Met our Friend ? The Spirit
  2. Have You Heard His Voice ? says come
  3. Have You Drunk at the River ? and drink

Radical Christian Living Col.3:15-17

Subject Christian Living
Theme Radical Christian Living
Proposition 3 Keys to Radical Christian Living
Main Points

  1. Let the Peace of God Rule vs15

  2. Let the Word of Christ Reside vs16

  3. Let the Name of Jesus be the Reason vs17

Discover Your Destiny Esther 4:14

Subject Destiny
Theme Truths about Our Destiny
Proposition 3 Truths about Our Destiny
Main Points

  1. God’s Plan Will Triumph 
    “We’re on the winning team”
  2. God’s Plan Requires Our Participation “Off the bench and into the game”
  3. God’s Plan is Now 
    “This is the final quarter”
The Greatest of These is Love Col.3:14

Subject Love
Theme The Importance of Love
Proposition Why is Love so Important ?
Main Points

  1. Love is the Crown ‘put on’
  2. Love is the Cover ‘over all’
  3. Love is the Cement ‘binds’
  4. Love is the Completion ‘perfect unity’
Never Give Up Heb.10:19-25

Subject Perseverance
Theme Reasons to Persevere
Proposition 3 Reasons to Persevere
Main Points

  1. Because of the Blood of Jesus vs19
  2. Because of the Prayers of Jesus vs21
  3. Because of the Coming of Jesus vs25
A Matter of Life and Death Col.2:12

Subject Christian Living
Theme The Power of Christian Living
Proposition What is the Power of Christian Living
Main Points

  1. The Power of Living is Dying ‘buried’
  2. The Power of Living is Rising ‘raised’
  3. The Power of Living is Believing ‘faith’
Lord, you shall never wash my feet John 13

Subject Jesus AM
Theme The Servanthood of Jesus
Proposition 5 Truths about Servanthood of Jesus
Main Points

  1. Servanthood is motivated by love vs1
  2. Servanthood is meekness not weakness vs3
  3. Servanthood takes the initiative vs4
  4. Servanthood is unprejudiced vs2
  5. Servanthood is the pattern to follow vs15
God’s Kind of People Phil.4:1

Subject Church Life M
Theme New Testament Church Life
Proposition 4 Qualities of NT Life
Main Points 

  1. Members of a Loving Family 
  2. Runners in an Eternal Race
  3. Soldiers in a Fierce Battle
  4. Friends in a Hostile World
Gifts for the Man with Everything Matt.2:11

Subject The Wise Men
Theme The Gifts the Wise Men Offered
Proposition Lessons from the Gifts they Offered
Main Points

  1. Gold The Crown A Royal Son
  2. Incense The Christ A Sweet Anointing
  3. Myrrh The Cross A Bitter Sorrow
Raising the Average Joshua 14:6-15

Subject Caleb AM
Theme The Character of Caleb
Proposition 3 Qualities of Caleb’s Character
Main Points

  1. He Resisted Peer Pressure vs7-8
  2. He was Radical in his Commitment vs8
  3. He Reached for More vs12
Giants and Grasshoppers Num.13:26-14:9

Subject Faith M
Theme The Faith of Caleb & Joshua
Proposition The Foundations of Their Faith
Main Points

  1. Don’t Exaggerate the Problems
    Extol the Power of God
  2. Don’t Look through the Prism of Unbelief
    but the Prism of Faith
  3. Don’t Allow Fear to Grip You
    Let God’s Presence Encourage


Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level

God cannot grow a church any larger than He can grow the leader of the church. The continual development of the spirit, mind and character of the leader is integral to the health and growth of the church they pastor. Before God wants your church to grow, He wants you to grow ! This demands we not only become better preachers but better leaders and better people.

What does it mean to become a better leader ? Effective leaders establish goals which link the dynamics of people and tasks. Ephesians 4:12 identifies the purpose of ministry as preparing or equipping God's people for works of service. Leaders connect people with tasks and reach their goals. Two of the challenges all leaders face are growing the leadership base and raising the group identity of the church. 

Effective leaders raise and release others to share in leadership. The concept of 'team' is far more than the latest trend, it is as old as Moses appointing 70 elders, as David and his mighty men, as Jesus and the 12. An orchestra is far more pleasing to the ear than a one man band ! The rowing eight is meant to be eight burly rowers being steered by one little guy. Many churches have one little guy doing all the rowing while eight big guys try to do all the steering ! Effective leaders endeavour to raise the group identity. When churches are pioneered, people refer to fellowshipping at Frank's, Andrew's, Danny's. As the church grows stronger, its own identity increases, people speak about fellowshipping at Hills, Northside, The Centre. 
To achieve this growth, leadership experiences a cycle of transitions based around fathering and facilitating. Groups transition from infancy to adolescence to maturity. Leaders are also in transition, from founders (infancy), to fathers (adolescence) to facilitators (maturity). Founders are the reason why an infant church exists. They make the decisions, chart the course for the church and provide all the ministry. Fathers focus on raising up future leaders through equipping and releasing people into responsibilities and ministry. Facilitators motivate and inspire others in their ministry, they delegate authority and decision making.
Founders are the reason why an infant church exists. They make the decisions, chart the course for the church and provide all the ministry. Fathers focus on raising up future leaders through equipping and releasing people into responsibilities and ministry. Facilitators motivate and inspire others in their ministry, they delegate authority and decision making.








The transition from founder to father is as challenging as the transition from parenting an infant to parenting a teenager. If you treat your teenager as a child, you need to prepare for dissension. If you do not develop your people, they will become frustrated and fruitless, or they will fall away. Deliberately seek the help of the Holy Spirit to grow you as a father, and to help you in the equipping and releasing of people into ministry. Some leaders can never rise above the founder stage, and their churches remain small.
Friend Father
Founder Fanatic
There are two errors to avoid in this transition. Founders who are people focussed want to be everyone's friend, but when tasks are ignored, little is accomplished. Founders who are task focussed become fanatics, and when the task at hand is more important than the people, sheep are scattered. Effective goals demand that people and tasks are kept in tension. Good fathers develop their team and start to release them into ministry activity.

The transition from father to facilitator is equally difficult. Facilitators exist for the ministry of others to blossom, sharing decision making and delegating responsibility. This in turn frees the leader to found new areas of ministry and service and begin the cycle again.

We greatly admire the preaching ministry of CH Spurgeon. But in its heyday, the Metropolitan Tabernacle had scores of ministries involving hundreds of people. Spurgeon was more than a great preacher, he was a great facilitator for the ministry of others. If you consider large churches around the world today, even though they usually have dynamic platform ministries, their focus is to release the ministry of others and not their own. The present re-emphasis on small groups and cell churches is significant, God wants His people released into ministry.

Flatterer Facilitator
Father Ferris Wheel Operator
The tension between people and tasks remains in this transition. Leaders who continue to focus exclusively on people tend to become flatterers of people, manipulating and ruling them rather than motivating and releasing. Leaders who focus exclusively on tasks tend to become ferris wheel operators, everything runs smoothly, the view at the top is great, but you get off where you got on. Good facilitators release people for the work of ministry which in turn releases the leader to pioneer and found new ministries.
Leaders who only focus on people move from everybody's friend to flatterer to fire fighter. They put out one fire only to find another springing up. These kinds of leaders are never right and sacrifice their ministry, their marriage and their family. Leaders who focus on tasks move from fanatics, to ferris wheel operators, to Fuhrers. These kinds of leaders are never wrong and sacrifice the sheep. But founders who become fathers, who become facilitators, grow great churches because they themselves have become great people.
Fire Fighter Flatterer Facilitator
Friend Father Ferris Wheel
Founder Fanatic Fuhrer
Jesus took a small group of very average people and turned them into world changers. Make one of your goals for the coming year, the raising up of a "pastor's discipleship class." Select 12, father them, reproduce yourself in them, equip and empower them, keep in tension people and the task. Become a facilitator and make the goal of the coming year for each one of the 12 to begin their own discipleship group.



  • Count your blessings, Expect a miracle

  • Overcome your fears, Get out of that boat

  • Dare to dream, Think big, Never give up

  • Pray that prayer, Sow that seed, Be happy

  • Keep on praising, Keep on believing

  • Reach out to others, Be positive, Be daring

  • Take that risk, Lift up your head, Smile

  • Get out of your comfort zone, Do it now

  • Get passionate about life, Believe for more

  • Never think it can’t be done, for with God all things are possible

  • Everyday declare, God is with me, Aim high

  • Link with others who are going somewhere

  • Ditch your doubts, Dump your depression

  • Expect great things from God

  • Attempt great things for God



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