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No. 1, December 1997
No. 2, January 1998
No. 3, March 1998
No. 4, May 1998
No. 5, August 1998
No. 6, November 1998
No. 7, Autumn 1999
No. 8, May 1999
No. 9, July 1999 
No. 10, Spring 1999 
No. 11, November 1999
No. 12, Y2K 
No. 13, April 2000
No. 14
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A V M - Audio, Video, Manuscripts

Against some of the sermon outlines are the letters A, V, M, on the right of the text.
These refer to the availability of audio (A) and/or video (V) tapes; or sermon manuscripts (M).
You can order these from us by mail.
Costs, including postage, are: audio's ($A5), videos ($A15), manuscripts ($A3).
Please send cheques/bank drafts, in Australian dollars, payable to Marion City Church.


"The ABZ of Preaching"

An excellent book on preaching and pulpit ministry.
Written by the late George Jeffreys Williamson, a brilliant expositor and captivating preacher.
This book is unavailable anywhere else in Australia.
$15 postage paid.


"Minister’s Annual"

The first Shepherd’s Storehouse Minister’s Annual, contains a sermon series, 52 illustrations, 12 communion devotions, 4 children’s stories, prayer ideas and much much more.
$20 postage paid.


"Jesus in Revelation"

A series of 6 studies from the Book of Revelation. This is a great topic as we head towards 2000.
The offer includes 6 audio tapes and a 36 page study guide. Great resource for preaching or Bible study.
$25 postage paid.


Sermon Manuscripts & Tapes

Some of the sermon outlines in this edition are marked M and A on the far right of the page.
These sermons are available in either full manuscript (M) and/or audio (A).
Costs including postage: manuscripts $3 audio $5


There is no higher calling than to preach His Word and pastor His people.
God has placed in our hearts the needs of pastors in smaller churches.
If we can be of any assistance, if you need advice or a listening ear, give us a call in Australia on (08)-8371-2929 (W).
We look forward to hearing from you.


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