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Some photographic views from Loxton

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The notice board at the three entrances to loxton showing organizations such as Lions Apex Rotary and other attractions to Loxton.

The Township of Loxton was settled in the early nineteen hundreds by mainly dry land farmers of Lutherans and German descent. From 1950 the township also saw modern irrigation in the area with fruit blocks being planted by returned soldiers from ww11 and a major wine growing area resulting along with citrus and stone fruit.

Loxton is approx 2-3 hrs drive on modern sealed roads from our State Capital Adelaide. There are several other River towns in the region with population totals ranging from 6000-8000 people in each council areas I hope the following photos give you some ideal of the lifestyle in my home town Loxton Lantern web master

One Side of the Two Rows of shopping available in Loxton South Australia

Shops are generally open from Monday to Friday with hours 8.30 am 9am to 5.30

and on Saturdays 8.30 9.00am to 11.30 12.00 noon Several Roadhouses and Delis are also opened outside these hours for each day

The first church built in Loxton by mainly German Lutheran dry land farmers from the surrounding area. Loxton also has a Number of other Christian Faiths as well.

Members of Loxton Christian Fellowship enjoying a Barbecue at David Pawson visit.

Members of Loxton Christian Fellowship at Planning meeting for the David Pawson visit.

A view from the Riverbank about 1 kilometer from town center

Loxton Christians and other Riverlanders enjoy a tea break at David Pawson visit.

A historical recreation of early Loxton Farming History

The main sporting oval and complex of Loxton (sports played here included football cricket tennis hockey and sometimes soccer)

Other sports are played at Loxton such as golf,hockey along with motor and Go Kart Racing to name just a few.

Members of Riverland Christian engaged in hymn singing at David Pawson visit.

A typical River Scene on the River Murray at Loxton

Visitors to the Riverland region of South Australia can also stay in the excellent hotels in the region this one in Loxton and owned by the local community.

One of two large Caravan parks This the one mainly used next to the River Murray at Loxton unless flooding occurs

Our Modern Hospital complex in Loxton

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