Some History and Facts

About the Community of Loxton

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Map of where Loxton is

Loxton is a town built by Australia Largest River system the Murray ,Darling having approximately 7000 residents in the Loxton Council area. And about 2 to 3 hours drive from our state capital Adelaide. We Celebrated 75 years of existence in 1996

German farmer settlers involved in dry land farming formerly settled the town and many German surnames could still be answered to in this town.

After world war two the Federal Government settled return soldiers in an irrigation scheme which locals refer to as fruit blocks. Due to the mixed nature of the produce grown here they are sometimes referred to fruit salad properties.

The average size of each block varies from twenty five to thirty acres and many of the sons of these former soldiers now manage these small businesses along with many migrants from Greece and Italy now owning some of these blocks now as well.

Sheep for meat and wool also account for some of the farming enterprises along with wheat some barley from the drylands area surrounding the irrigation area, into which stone fruit mainly Apricots and Peaches are grown under irrigation and as well as many varieties of grapes by the way our local wine industry has an international market, you may have consumed some.. There is also a large Citrus Industry with mainly oranges,lemons, mandarins and grapefruits although at the moment this seems to be in decline due to cheap imports from Latin American countries.

Also grown are a small amount of almonds, olives, and vegetables for the Local State markets.

The town of Loxton also boasts of several churches the most prominent being the Lutheran Church, which I suppose, is to be expected due to the large former German Influence.

The Lutheran farmers tend to remain in strong bonds due the hardship of the past and maybe to now as well to due to fact of several droughts we suffer each decade.

The Riverland Region of South Australia now is hosts to many migrants from over seventy countries who have now have made it their home. Some have come from China, Vietnam, Turkey, India, South East Asia, Norway, England, and some other European and middle European countries.

The region also has the distinction of having more sunshine than the Australia Famous Gold Coast and with only five to 10 inches of rainfall per year.

The economy of the Riverland is largely dependent on the agricultural produce grown in the area and secondary industry tends to be involved with processing this fruit. The Riverland has several towns sightly smaller or Larger than Loxton The other towns are Renmark Started by the Chaffey Brothers from California Berri, Barmera, Waikerie Other smaller towns are Lyrup, New Residence formerly these were a failed socialist experiment in commune living in times of previously high unemployment in our states history. as well as other smaller towns of Moorook,Kingston,Ramco ,Monash Small Dryland farm centers are Wambi ,Alawoona and Karoonda.

Church Services

Loxton Christian Fellowship

Sunday 9.30am service Loxton primary school

View Street Phone 0885846386 or 0885847718

Anglican Church

1st Sun 10.00am Other Sun 9am

Cnr Edward and William Street Ph 0885847491

Catholic Church

All Sun 7pm 1st and 2nd Sunday 8am

Other 10.30am Cnr Geraldton & Owen St.

Ph 08847572

Church of Christ "Living Waters Christian Community

Sun 10 am service 14 Edward St.

Ph 0885847449

Concordia Luthern Church

Sun 9am Service Bookpurnong Tce

Ph 0885847074

St Peters Luthern Church

Sun 8.30 am and 10:30 am

Bookpurnong Tce

Ph 0885847131

Uniting Church

Sunday 9.30 am inc Childrens Church

Bookpurnong Tce

Ph 0885847474

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