Wavetek 3001/3002 Manual and 3010 Manual

This disk contains a Wavetek 3001/3002 Service Manual and a 3010 Service Manual, both in PDF format. The 3001/3002 pages are also included in JPG format, which should make them readable by just about anything out there, including your browser. As an example, here's part of Page 3-4, reduced in size for quick display. The pages you receive will be full size, scanned without compression. Installation files for Adobe Acrobat Reader (a distributable version) needed to view and/or print the PDF files are also on the CD.

One manual covers the Wavetek Model 3001 and 3002 fully, and much of it applies to the 3000 (not the 3000B Service Monitor, the 3000 signal generator.. if you need the 3000B service monitor manual, please click here), 3004, 3007, 3008, etceteras. I've used it to maintain and/or repair later models and haven't missed much. The other manual covers the Model 3010. It, also, has much information pertinent to earlier models.

The 3001/3002 manual was made from a very old original that in places had begun to deteriorate, but the pages are readable and are fine for folks who need service information. The 3010 is better. Manual collectors and scanning hobbyists, in any event, should search elsewhere.

This disk is for sale for the sum of $23.85, which includes priority mail shipping to anywhere in the continental USA.

($23.85 for MAIL shipping of a CD)

Need it right away? Option: Pay with the Paypal button below to download the PDF files from my FTP server (no JPG files included, but there is nothing in the JPGs that's not included in the PDF). I'll email you the host name, username, and password to use. Setup and operation of an FTP client is your responsibility. If you're not experienced in such procedures please use the above button for postal delivery of a CD. Please be prepared for a long download, as the files are large and the server sometimes runs at no more than 15-17k/sec.

($20.00US for FTP access to the files)

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